Safety helmet and a gear that represents civil activities
Excavator that represents excavating activities
Bulldozer that represents plant hiring activities
A Shovel and a pick that represents rehabilitation activities


Bulk Earthworks

Plant Hire


Grinding or crushing of rocks that represents mining and crushing activities

Mining & Crushing

Dam Construction

A Dam filled with water represents dam construction activities
Flatbed that represents plant hiring activities

Roads, small bridges, platforms and paving of any size

We have done complete pit rehabilitation work for major companies in the coal industry

Currently with our fleet of equipment we can move six thousand cubes of materials a day

Our crushing division consists of mobile equipment and we specialise in contract crushing for major road projects in the Free State and Kwazulu-Natal

We have a full range of late model, well maintained plant equipment available for long and short term hire, at market related rates

We consider ourselves as a market leader in this field with 24 years of experience and over 500 successful dams completed with a capacity ranging from 200 000 to 4,5 million kilolitres